Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016)


Synopsis & Storyline of Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016):

Life is not so easy as it is thought and most of the cases, the people who are leading the life cannot be comfortable with what they have. They, in fact, do not have any appreciation to their life and belongings while there are some other people who are a bit different in nature. The appreciate everything they do have with them no matter what is the size or shape of the belongings and thus they become successful in their life. But there are some other people who could be termed as the third type who neither have anything nor they appreciate their existing status and in fact, life has no meaning to them. The story of the movie – Shaheb Bibi Golam is a bit similar. The characters have been struggling for their survival amid different hardship and when they meet together, a new era of possibilities begin. So, when they plan to perform something for them, they are unable as their willingness and the cooperation level is different and not up to the mark. Thereby, the events become messy for every one of them. They get derailed from their aim and life becomes more meaningless to them. The story of the characters goes on.

Kolkata Bengali Film – Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

This is a very common trend for almost all the movie makers to adopt movies from popular novels and make a big bash. Though in certain cases the movies cannot bring the desired level of success, most of them can do and entertain the people. It has also been found that a novel has been adopted in different languages and in different industries. So, the issue is not an exceptional for the movie Shaheb Bibi Golam. In fact, the story of the movie has been picked from the book of the same name by Bimal Mitra. This is a Bengali novel and deals with several issues of the middle class Bengali people and how they deal with them.

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Most of the times, there are some typical responses found of the middle class Bengali people and when they are to deal with larger issues than their imagination, it becomes truly difficult for them to deal with. So, when they are assigned with some bigger responsibilities, they cannot deal with the issues perfectly and create a mess. Moreover, if there are some calamities in the country or any types of anarchy, it becomes impossible for them to deal with even the petty issues. So, they often become puzzled with the things that what should they do or not do in such cases.


The movie – Shaheb Bibi Golam deal about the issues of three different individuals in different situations. They belong to the group of three different categories living in Calcutta and the situations were anarchic. The city was suffering from several disorders and in such situations, the people had met with each other. Each of them had different stories to tell but they could not complete the stories as they could not reach to a unity about their issues and thus the stories were untold.

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The movie plot has been picked from the novel of the same name but the movie makers have made some changes in this current installment. Usually when a movie is picked from any books or novels, the movie makers try to bring a difference in the plots for some specific reasons. When they plan to make the movie based on the external stories other than the movies plots created by the professional movie plot makers, they try to bring some changes so that the audiences could get pleasure. But in some other cases, the movie makers keep the stories same in line with the books so that the audiences could have a visual of the book and how the events described on the book will look on the screen.

The original story of the novel was about a feudal family but the audiences will experience something different on the screen. Some characters may remain the same in line with the book’s original story while the movie makers have added some other characters for the necessity of the story. However, the book told the story of the people living in the city Calcutta and also depicted how they dealt with the events in their regular life.

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Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016) Movie Details:

Initial release: 2016
Director: Pratim D. Gupta
Music composed by: Anupam Roy
Screenplay: Pratim D. Gupta
Story by: Pratim D. Gupta


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