Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog


What is SEO “Search Engine Optimization“?

Best Seo for WordPress

When a company or a person who have a website, wants to spread their experience or idea to more and more persons. The term SEO firstly comes in mind. Now I describe term “SEO“. Search engine optimizationis a technique with the help of we can gain organic traffic.

Now again a new question arise. What is “Organic Traffic”?

Organic traffic is a traffic which comes from an unpaid source like search engines. eg: google, bing, yahoo etc.

Other types of traffic include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – traffic from ads that cost money.
  • Referral traffic – traffic that comes directly from some other website.
  • Direct traffic – traffic from someone typing your URL into their browser.

Now back to the topic. No 1 Plugin For WordPress Blog SEO

Now I will tell you about a plugin Name Yoast

Yoast is a plugin which helps you to do your SEO work easier.

Methods To Install Yoast Plugin 

There are two methods with the help of you can easily install Yoast in your WordPress blog.

First Method: Install from WordPress backend.

Step 1: Login to your admin panel.

Step2: Click on Plugin => Add New

Search Yoast  and install Yoast SEO. Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

After installation activate the plugin.

Second Method: Using FTP

Step 1: Download Yoast Plugin (click here )

Step 2: Login to FTP Server.

Step 3: Extract you plugin file.

Step 4: Go to the wp-content directory in FTP server and click on plugin directory.

Step 5: Upload you Yoast SEO extra folder in the plugin directory.

Step 6: After successful upload go to your WordPress dashboard open plugin and activate Yoast SEO plugin.

This tutorial completes here. I suggest you to install the plugin using the first method if you are not a developer.

If any error accure after plugin activation. go to your FTP Server and change the name of the Yoast SEO plugin. your plugin diactivate automatically.

Need any help or any question in mind. Comment down below.