Only 12 People In The Entire World Can Do This Job And He’s The Youngest…


I have terrible handwriting. But fortunately for me, computer came along and now it’s fairly rare that I ever have to actually write things out with a pen. But the few times that I do, I end up producing the abstract art known as chicken scratch. With that said, I’m curious about kids these days that are growing up in a digital world. I think it’s safe to say that overall, penmanship is on the decline.

Once upon a time, lettering was completely hand-drawn… and that’s incredibly impressive when you take into consideration the foresight needed to determine the size and spacing of the letters to ensure that they fit on the medium and that everything aligns correctly. And then there’s Jake Weidmann, the youngest master penman in the US. He’s a rare breed, being only one of 12 people remaining in the world that holds the title of master penman.

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