WhatsApp Mod HD Edition v7.0 APK [Latest]


whatsapp hd

WhatsApp HD

Another WhatsApp Mod but in HD Edition.


  • Complete Black HD UI
  • New Ticks Material Style
  • New Contact And Group Avatar
  • New Incoming Notification Icon
  • Base version 2.12.229

What’s New

  • Base version Update

Credits : Sidzy

Direct Download Link

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How To Install ?

  • Take Backup of Messages, Open Whatsapp then go to: Settings > Chat Settings > Back up chats
  • Download WhatsApp HD from given link below
  • Uninstall Original Whatsapp from your Phone. (Otherwise You Can’t Install This Edition)
  • Install WhatsApp HD

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hd-1 hd-2



WhatsApp Mod HD (19.4 mb) Mirror